The Rules

I was inspired to both make this post and create these arbitrary role-playing rules after reading Nondrick’s Non-Adventure blog.

  • No fast travel, ever. If I have to get somewhere, I’ll either get there on foot or by horse. I may also travel by cart if I just don’t feel like trekking.
  • Eating. My character will eat two to three meals a day from two different food groups, plus a drink with each meal.
  • Sleep. My character will sleep 6-8 hours per 24 hour period. 
  • Minimal waiting. For instance, I’ll try to wait by doing other stuff until the appointed time. But if I reach the appointed time and an event doesn’t trigger I’ll only wait an hour. The hard rule will be 1 hr of waiting per 24 hr period.
  • Employment. My character will try to have a day job, probably a hunter. Though woodcutter might be good for earning a quick buck.
  • Making friends. I’m going to try to get to know the people of Skyrim, not just the ones that have quests for me but everyone. In fact, I won’t leave a town until I’ve met with everyone at least once. Unnamed NPCs will not count.
  • Living off the Land. For the most part I want my character to hunt, fish, make, or scavenge what he needs to survive and thrive in the land of Skyrim. Exceptions will be allowed for the eating rule and items that allow me to accomplish the Employment rule. So food and arrows are okay to purchase if things haven’t gone well in the hunting/scavenging that day.
  • Charity, each beggar will get one coin a day if I’m in that town.
  • No recieving training from trainers, Felix will be self-taught.
  • Limited reloads. You may have noticed that Felix’s full name is Felix Nine-Lives. This ties into the rules bit, because I will only reload a total of eight times if Felix dies. After that, Felix, and this blog, are done. I will detail why Felix is named what he is and why he has nine lives on the Backstory page.

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