Felix writes in this journal now so that ones that find this journal will not meet Felix’s same, likely horrible, end.

     Where does Felix begin? At birth, the old sorceress Mordahlia would say. So Felix will begin at Felix’s birth, because Felix never knows when Mordhalia might be watching. Felix does not remember being born, Felix is thankful for that, but old Thurm told Felix what he found that day and as Felix is a smart khajiit Felix can guess what happened.

Gnoll Mountain

Not the best place to be born.

     Old Thurm told Felix that he found Felix in a camp on Gnoll Mountain. Felix was bundled against the cold in the arms of Felix’s dead mother. Thurm found no signs that Felix’s mother was a victim of foul play, so Felix must claim Mother as first kill. Old Thurm was on his way to Frostcraig Spire, the home of Mordhalia, a sorceress.

Frostcrag Spire

Home Sweet Home

     Old Thurm and Mordhalia told the story often of how Mordhalia thought Felix was a common housecat. Felix was not amused by these tales. Felix supposes it was all in good fun, though he is still not amused. Felix looks nothing like… well maybe a little, but Felix is khajiit, not cat.

     Felix lived with Old Thurm and Mordhalia for many winters, couldn’t really tell you how many, mountains always full of snow. Felix is glad of thick fur coat.

     While Felix lived at the Spire, Felix learned many things. From Old Thurm, Felix learned how to be sneaky, how to smith, how to shoot a bow, and to fight with a sword. How did Thurm teach Felix to be sneaky? Blunted arrows, excellent aim, and sharp eyesight for an old man. From Mordhalia, Felix learned magick and alchemy. How did Mordhalia teach Felix magic? Lots and lots of reading and writing. Felix prefers being sneaky and shooting a bow, if you run into Mordhalia do not tell her so.

     On quiet nights, Old Thurm would tell Felix stories of his homeland, Skyrim. Mordhalia had heard all the stories before but Felix enjoyed them and wished to see the place. Felix was especially interested in a place called the Throat of the World, a great mountain.

     You may have guess that Old Thurm was, well, old. And when he was dying he made Felix promise to go to Skyrim and place a sword as high on the Throat of the World as Felix can. Felix always keeps a promise. Mordhalia was not happy about the promise and told Felix that he must wait for nine Necromancer’s Moons to pass before beginning his journey.

     ”A promise delayed, is not a promise broken,” Old Thurm would say, so Felix would do as Mordhalia… asked would be the wrong word. Suggested with a hint of threat would be more accurate. After we buried Thurm, Mordhalia disappeared into her lab. Felix would bring her food but she didn’t eat. Must have had potions in there.

     On the morning after the ninth Necromancer’s Moon Mordhalia came to Felix and gave Felix a black potion to drink. She promised it would only help Felix on his journey. Felix may be frightened of Mordhalia but there is still trust, so Felix drank the potion. It tasted like cherries… after something, perhaps a troll, had already eaten them.

     Felix’s memory becomes blurry at this point but Felix remembers Mordhalia chanting and seeing nine glowing khajiits that all look like Felix staring back at Felix. Then there was only one Felix as there should be. As usual Mordhalia gave Felix no explanation, silly, cryptic, riddle-spouting… Felix should move on, never know when she is watching.

     Now Felix’s Adventure begins! Felix will cross the border into Skyrim and see Old Thurm’s homeland. Felix will walk to the top of the Throat of the World, Thurm said there were steps, and put a sword there for Old Thurm.

     This’ll be easy!

3 Responses to Backstory

  1. Shilka

    Spoken like a true cat…. errr….. Khajiit.
    Very well written, I never played a Khajiit, but the way you wrote this already made me feel like I’m reading its writings.
    The ‘This’ll be easy!’ made me chuckle :)

  2. Aelwulf

    Love it. Absolutely captured the essence of the Khajiit. Looking forward to more… :D

  3. pudi0072000

    Love how you tied your backstory in.The voice is also excellent – very Khajiity. I’m interested to find out what’s going on with Mordhalia and that potion.

    Will be following your blog, but I’ll probably go dark after 11-11, for fear of spoilers.

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