Day 2 – The Home of Gerdur and Hod: A Tour

Posted by on November 18, 2011

Day 2 -Tirdas, 18th of Last Seed, 4E 201

Felix has forgotten to describe Gerdur and Hod’s home. The first thing you see when entering the home is the inviting fireplace with a boiling cookpot filled with some type of stew.

Gerdur's home fireplace
What’s cookin’?

To the left of the door is the dining table. It’s always covered in bowls and food. The table seats four. Very home-y.

Dining room

Mmm, tempting... Must control stomach.

To the right of the door is the rest of the house. Starting with the kitchen area. The preparation table is covered in food and drying ingredients hang over it as well as some rabbits and pheasant.

Kitchen area

Stomach is growling at Felix

 Past the kitchen area is a bed with a dresser, a night stand, and a chest. Felix will be sleeping there for quite some time. The bed was a bit lumpy.


Don't mean to complain but felix's bed is small and lumpy.

Continuing right, we find a counter with a table and two chairs. The mounted deer head is a nice touch. One day Felix hopes to mount the head of Felix’s Nemisis on a wall of Felix’s own.


A bar in a house? How typically Nord.

Gerdur and Hod’s bed, Felix really wishes their was a wall between the beds, Gerdur snores. Also, Hod farts in his sleep, good sense of smell is sometimes a curse for poor Felix.

Gerdur and Hod's bed

This is where the magick happens. And by magick I mean snoring and farts.

Felix stepped outside and took a look at the yard. A shaggy brown cow and a brown hen walk about the yard. Felix shall call the cow Bessie and the hen Harriet. Felix must resist urge to eat Bessie and Harriet.


Two new friends, Bessie and Harriet

Felix exits the yard and looks back at the house. Very quaint. Someday, Felix will own a home too.

House exterior
Almost too much quant-y…

With the tour out of the way Felix can tell you all about his first day in Riverwood in Felix’s next journal entry. 

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