The Day Before or That Stupid Elk!!!

Posted by on November 10, 2011

Well that could have gone better…

 Felix had been travelling through a mountain pass into Skyrim when Felix spotted an elk. Felix was hungry so Felix left the trail. Not one of Felix’s best ideas. But when stomach growls, Felix listens.


My Nemesis

The elk was faster than Felix, or smarter, because elk seemed to disappear. Felix is sad to say Felix got lost. So Felix decided to do what any smart khajiit would do… Find someone to ask directions from. If elk wasn’t so fast, Felix would ask elk.

Jerall Mountains

After half a day of roaming the mountains, and spotting that sneaky elk more than once, Felix met several nords wearing blue cloaks and was just about to ask for directions to the Throat of the World when more than two dozen imperial legionnaires came screaming out of the treeline.

Felix tried explaining that Felix just needed directions but all that happened was Felix got knocked on the head…

3 Responses to The Day Before or That Stupid Elk!!!

  1. marineogre

    Curious cats tend to find trouble. Love the whole “Squirrel” affect makes me think that food will be your bane.

  2. pudi0072000

    Oh, poor Felix – he just wanted some tasty elk meat! Gotta follow your stomach big guy; a cat’s got to eat.

  3. Shilka

    Somehow I’m not surprised, haha.

    I love your presentation, excellent!

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